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Our specialists will realise your private, commercial or industrial construction projects and also undertake their renovation:

  • Waterloo installation works (dismantling, assembly, reconstruction and replacement of water mains, renovation of old systems, construction of pressure and sewerage lines, sprinkler systems, rainwater piping and utilisation systems)
  • Heating installation (dismantling of heating systems, installation, renovation of heat exchangers and cold stores, installation of radiators, underfloor heating, central heating, renovation of old heating systems, industrial plants: customised supply)
  • Welding work at the highest level (wide range of materials and pipe diameters, all welding methods: 141, 135, 136, 111)
  • Assembly and disassembly, metalwork (assembly of pipelines, repairs and production of metal pressure pipeline parts, assembly and disassembly of fittings, assembly of long-distance pipelines, flange connections, fittings, distributors, separators and containers, assembly and disassembly of steel structures, steel halls, racks)

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