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Sale, delivery and installation of reverse vending machines of the renowned German manufacturer Sielaff GmbH & Co. KG / Automatenbau Herrieden / Münchener Straße 20 / D-91567 Herrieden, test operation and training of personnel. Free warranty service and customer support (hotline).

On offer are the models SiCompact 2020, SiCompact 2020 XL, SiCompact 2020 SiDrop, SiVario 2020.

After expiry of the warranty, we provide maintenance and repair services up to the maximum unit service life of 10 years in the form of flat-rate services (“Extra Package” – annual flat rate) or on the basis of “ad hoc conditions” (Payment according to price list).


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Our specialists will realise your private, commercial or industrial construction projects and also undertake their renovation:

  • Waterloo installation works (dismantling, assembly, reconstruction and replacement of water mains, renovation of old systems, construction of pressure and sewerage lines, sprinkler systems, rainwater piping and utilisation systems)
  • Heating installation (dismantling of heating systems, installation, renovation of heat exchangers and cold stores, installation of radiators, underfloor heating, central heating, renovation of old heating systems, industrial plants: customised supply)
  • Welding work at the highest level (wide range of materials and pipe diameters, all welding methods: 141, 135, 136, 111)
  • Assembly and disassembly, metalwork (assembly of pipelines, repairs and production of metal pressure pipeline parts, assembly and disassembly of fittings, assembly of long-distance pipelines, flange connections, fittings, distributors, separators and containers, assembly and disassembly of steel structures, steel halls, racks)